Green Monday: Why it’s a Good Idea

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As an ambassador for Green Monday in conjunction with Humane Society International, I’d like to encourage you to visit the website sign up and pledge your support.Green Monday is a pledge to make a difference one meal at a time by eating plant- based meals every Monday, towards a healthier you, a more sustainable planet by reducing your carbon footprint and being kinder to the environment and our fellow species by bringing about change in inhumane farming practices, which are responsible for unacceptable and unnecessary animal cruelty. Plant –based foods use less water, require less land for production and emit fewer greenhouse gases than the production of animal products.

Did You Know about the role of Livestock in Climate Change:
Did you know that 4323 litres of water is required to produce 1kg of chicken!
And that the animal Agriculture sector makes up 29% of global agriculture water requirements.
According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, Livestock contribute both directly and indirectly to climate change through the emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.
Globally, the sector contributes 18 %(7.1 billion tonnes CO2 equivalent) of global greenhouse gas emissions and generates 65 % of human-related nitrous oxide (N2O) and 35 % of methane (CH4), which have 296 times and 23 times the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of CO2 respectively.

Methane emissions mostly occur as part of the natural digestive process of animals (enteric fermentation) and manure management.
Carbon dioxide emissions from the livestock sector are related to fossil fuel burning during production of fertilizer for feed production, the livestock production process, processing and transportation of refrigerated products. Furthermore, livestock are a major driver of the global trends in land-use and land-use change including deforestation (conversion of forest to pasture and cropland), desertification, as well as the release of carbon from cultivated soils. The overall contribution of CO2 emissions from the livestock sector are estimated at 2.7 billion tonnes of CO2.
By switching to plant-based foods on Green Mondays you’ll actually be reducing your carbon footprint! That’s because plant-based foods tend to use less water, require less land for production, and emit fewer greenhouse gases than the production of animal products.

Watch the video for good reasons to celebrate #GreenMonday
It’s a way to help Save Our Planet, Save Your Heart and Save The Animals.
Personally, I advocate Conscious Living as a Way of Life and Green Monday is a Great way to Start!
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